My Dino Adventrue 5 pc playset by Gund

My Dinosaur Adventure, A Sensory Sounds 5pc Soft Activity Toy Playset

  • $24.99

Just as cuddly soft as any plush doll, these GUND® activity sets are an attractive alternative to passive play... because active toddlers need activity toys to keep them busy, satisfy their curiosity, keep them interested and help them grow their imaginations. 

Activity toys help active toddlers 'do something,' just at that age when they are ready to!

Here's all the things your toddler can do with this set:

  • Open the hook and loop door to the Volcano cave and pull out the dinosaurs.
  • Make the tyrannosaurous roar.
  • Shake the 'dinosaur egg' rattle.
  • 'Squeak' the stegasaurous 
  • Put things back into the cave. Put other toys into the cave!☺
  • Crinkle the tree. 

PS: Ok, these are really simple toys. But they have textures, colors, sounds, and cause and effect. They are soft, relatively large at approx 10 inches (your baby is around 20 inches right?) and baby safe enough for newborns. But most important, they are interesting to the target age group, and make them smarter through play! 

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