Mini Calin Goodnight - An Imaginative Bed Time Doll Play Set

  • $19.99
  • Save $5

If you get our newsletter, of follow us on social media, you already know that we are big on the benefits of doll play.

Self -directed and open ended play with no 'rules,' the development of imagination and story building skills, nurturing and love... every minute playing with dolls helps make your children smarter.

Now, with this adorable 'Mini Calin Good Night' set by Corolle, we're taking doll play up another level. Now we're giving your daughter the opportunity to start making choices. Maybe - for the first time ever - she get's to choose. 

It's time for bed. Which outfit should she dress her baby doll in? Or... should she put the doll in her sleeper and then into the sleep sack? 

  • Safe for children 18 months and older
  • Doll is only 8 inches tall
  • Set includes soft-bodied doll in vinyl and printed polyester and two removable sleepers; a onsie in white and a pink sleep sack.
  • Scented. 
  • Machine washable.

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