Fabian - Cloth doll for boys by HABA

Fabian - Cloth doll for boys by HABA

  • $34.99

If it's going to be a doll for boys, it had better look 'cool' or he's not going to like it.

We've learned our lesson over the past 15 years, and we are very, very careful to only carry boy dolls that we know boys will like. Fabian is one of our successes. He is very cool! 

But just as important - is what you're looking for, and that's quality. You have that with HABA dolls.

  • Age safe starting at 18 months
  • 13½ inches tall boy doll has red chenille 'hair', green eyes, 'freckles' and a cute sideways smile.
  • Pants have belt loops, belt and a pocket; hoodie sweater has 3/4 zipper and pocket.
  • Remove the zip front sweater and cords and he 'looks' like he's wearing shorts and a tee shirt.
  • Machine wash cold, air dry
  • All cloth construction, fiberfill and beanbag butt so he can sit.

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