For 15 inch Dolls: Boy's Blue Fleece Overalls and Long Sleeve Polo

  • $21.50

Finding clothes to fit our 15 inch dolls is always a challenge, even more so when it's for Boy Dolls. The Boy Dolls market itself is pretty limited, so most of the doll clothes manufacturers don't put a lot of effort into it. So every time Addie and I find a nice Boy's 15 inch outfit, we get pretty excited. Yeah, that's weird. We know.

Even so, here's a new one that we've found:

  • Blue fleece overalls with a truck applique, and a long sleeved white polo. 
  • Easy on and off: The overalls have as there are snaps at the shoulders and inside the legs and the Polo has full hook and latch seam down the back.
  • Now we call these 'boy's' outfits because they have the truck applique and are blue color. That's just a suggestion! These look just as adorable on our 15 inch girl dolls too!

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