Baby Melody - a Musical and Interactive Talking Baby Doll by Corolle

  • $49.99

Interactive Baby Dolls are 'a thing' these days, using technology to make dolls more interesting to children, but we'd like to point out that crybaby dolls and dolls that say mama have been around for over 100 years already and for that matter so have music box dolls.

Doll pretend play has many known benefits to your child's development. It increases neuron growth in the brain, helps build their imaginations and improves their storytelling skills. 

  • Baby Melody is a standard 12 inch soft body baby doll with open and close eyes.
  • She is safe for children starting at 18 months.
  • Your daughter just gently squeezes the sound box to make it work.
  • The sound box is rather unique among dolls as it can be is easily removed so that the baby doll can be machine washed, or if she wants to take it to Church or someplace else where it would be inappropriate to have a talking  doll. See image below - left.
  • The sound box says 'Papa,' 'Mama,' makes the 'Kiss' sound, and 'giggles.' It also has three short 'music box' melodies. It comes with replaceable batteries.
  • Melody also comes in a cute hearts and flowers removable print romper and fits most other manufacturers 12 to 13 inch clothes
  • Click Here for Accessories like Extra Clothes, Diapers and Bottles for this doll:

This doll can be gift-wrapped. It's only $4.99. To add, please click here


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