Carper, A Small All Vinyl Anatomically Correct Newborn Baby Boy Doll by Llorens

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If you have an older child who really likes dolls, and would appreciate the quality difference between dolls made for babies and toddlers, and dolls made for serious doll lovers, then this is the doll for that child.

Made in Spain by the Llorens Doll Company, Carper is an anatomically correct newborn baby doll with articulated limbs and finely sculpted features. He's small, and comes in a beautifully knit shoulder strap romper.

But what got us to buy him for you, was that half smile that newborn babies take three or four months to develop, and that thrills their parents the first time they see it. Carper's sculpt reminds us of that, and we thought it might give your daughter or granddaughter those same kind of warm feelings!

  • Baby Carper is recommended for ages three years and older.
  • He is about 10 inches long.
  • Made in Spain.
  • Anatomically correct, soft vinyl body with moving limbs
  • Blue eyes do not open or close.
  • Outfit is removable, doll can be played with in the bath.

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