Cari, the Cute, Carry and Cuddle First Black Dolls for Babies by HABA

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Is your daughter ready to graduate from her tacky old lovey to a new first Black doll?

Actually, let me put this another way: are You ready for your daughter to graduate from that old, raggedy lovey to something new, soft and pretty?

One of the mistakes parents make is to try and force a child off of her lovey before she is really ready to give it up.

Smart parents help her make the transition with a new doll to attach to; but also with lots of hugs, love and gentle persuasion and a first doll like Cari, our new Black rag doll from HABA. 

  • Cari is a Black or African American cloth doll for little girls from 18 months on.
  • The perfect comfort object or substitute for a lost lovey.
  • She is 12 inches tall.
  • Cari comes dressed in a removable green slip dress with ruffles.
  • Underneath, Cari is all one piece and in a carnation pink ballet onesie.
  • Also Available Spring 2021 a new Bicycle Rider's Doll Outfit Here
  • She has super soft black chenille hair gathered in side tails, brown eyes, brown 'skin' rouged cheeks and a sweet embroidered smile.
  • She comes in a standing open display box. 
  • Here's a quick 20 second video of Nick (with Cari) so you can get an idea of their size:

This doll can be gift-bagged. It's only $4.99. To add, please click here

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