Black Santa Claus Doll: 18in Black Boy Doll with Bonus Holiday Outfit

  • $34.99
  • Save $25

In the world of American Girl™ sized dolls -18 inch dolls - Boy dolls are rare, and Black Boy Dolls are even more so. And although Target and Walmart and lots of others have at least started competing with American Girl by making their own 18 inch dolls, they aren't making Black Boy Dolls as far as we can see. 

So when Addie and I found some, we grabbed a few because first, we specialize in offering you the widest diversity that we can, and secondly, because we do get requests for things like this.

So what we have for you here, is an 18 inch Black Boy doll, dressed in a Santa Claus style Christmas outfit, and one complete Mountain Rescue 18 inch doll's outfit, so that when the holidays are over, your daughter will have the second outfit for the rest of the year's doll play.

  • Recommended for ages 3 or older
  • Black Boy Doll is 18 inches tall
  • Has a full head of rooted black 'natural' style hair, dark brown open close eyes.
  • Comes with both outfits.
  • Clothing is removable and fits most other manufacturer's 18 inch dolls including My Generation™, American Girl™ etc.
  • Comes Polybagged.

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