a 15 inch soft body girl baby doll

Baby Kaylee, a Classic 15 inch Baby Doll with Pacifier

  • $21.99

When people ask us: which is the best baby doll for my child, the first thing we do is ask them: "How old is the child?"

Because even though there are various features that all classic baby dolls have in common, like open/close eyes, a soft body with vinyl limbs etc., one area where baby dolls differ is in size.

And while a 12" doll is fine for all ages, for a 2  or 3 year old, if given the choice, she would probably choose a 15 inch baby doll. She's bigger, and the doll is bigger. It's natural. And if your daughter is 4 or 5 years old, it's almost required.

Baby Kaylee is a classic baby doll for older toddlers and pre-schoolers. 

  • Safe for ages 2 and older.
  • 15 inches tall - fits most manufacturer's 15 inch doll clothes
  • Outfit is removable, doll is machine washable
  • Not scented
  • Open / close blue eyes. 
  • BPA / Phthalate free
  • Comes in standing window box.

This doll can be gift-wrapped. It's only $4.99. To add, please click here

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