Wee Baby Stella Dolls from Manhattan Toy

In Doll Play, 'one year old' is a time of transition. Your baby is going from cuddle and comfort lovey dolls to nurture and play baby dolls.

Manhattan Toy's Baby Stellas, Baby Fellas And Wee Baby Stellas are the perfect dolls for this age group!

Soft and cuddly enough to be lovies, Stellas are also 'realistic enough' to nurture, with their belly buttons and soft sculpt fingers and toes etc., and especially with those marvelous magnetic pacifiers that not only let's your child 'give the baby its pacifier,' but also fascinates them with the mysterious magic of magnetism!

Plus, as your 12 month old grows into an 18 month old and then two year old and so on, Wee Baby Stella Dolls will still be interesting companions dolls, because they are so much more than just a lovey.