One Big Baby! A Cuddle Me Life-sized Baby Boy Doll for Toddlers

  • $28.99

How Big is Big?

It all depends on who's asking right? But if you ever wanted to impress a child, this doll is HUGE compared to all their other dolls!

But it's actually life-sized and thus more realistic, so it instantly and easily becomes their pal. (You'll notice this in the way their play patterns change... less nurture, more companionship. And thus completely new patterns of storytelling and imaginative play.

The average 2 year old boy is around 34 inches - this doll is 20 inches... large enough to wear your toddler's hand me downs. But the secret to why this is such a great doll is that for all its size, it weighs practicably nothing! Hollow head, featherweight polyester stuffing... it's like carrying around a big doll-shaped pillow.

  • For children starting at 2 years or older
  • 20 inches long
  • Non gendered doll dressed in blue
  • Faces come ass't, let us choose one for you
  • Can wear real children's clothes starting around 6 months size
  • Outfits are removable, colors and styles may vary.
  • Currently comes with pacifier and bottle.
  • Eyes do not open and close.
  • Comes Poly bagged.

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