Learn to Dress Baseball Boy soft plush doll for boys

Sean, the Super Soft, Boy's Baseball Learn to Dress and Activity Doll

  • $21.99

Our Learn to Dress plush 'Baseball Boy' Sean is for young boys who don't want a 'girl's doll.'

Dressed as a baseball player, safe for all ages including newborns, this soft, colorful plush first doll for boys has four finger friendly teach-to-dress activities. 

About the size of a normal Teddy Bear, but much softer, Baseball Boy Sean features a removable baseball style striped jacket - via a bright red baby fingers sized button, a zippered pocket and laces and Velcro™ on his feet.

  • Can be given as a new baby boy gift, but will keep toddlers interested with the four learn to dress activities interested.
  • Safe for all ages.
  • Fourteen Inches tall
  • Made entirely with very soft and very plush fleece materials.
  • Foam and polyester interior.
  • Button, Zip pocket, laces and Velcro. 
  • Jacket is removable, pants tack stitched to doll. 

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