Lots to Cuddle, a LIFE-SIZED and Realistic Black Baby Doll. Twenty Inches!

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The average American baby is 20 inches at birth. Our realistic 'Cuddle Me' Black Baby dolls are 20 inches long too. A life-sized baby doll for your daughter!

But for all her size, your daughter can easily carry her 'light as a feather,' super soft 'Cuddle Me' dolls. The secret is in their soft fiber-filled cloth bodies. 

And, our pretty, life-sized baby doll is a 'Best Dolls for Kids' because she can wear real baby clothesSee picture below, yellow dress is a 3 - 6 months size baby's dress.

Your daughter will love dressing her new doll in her own hand-me-downs, or  you can make a shopping date for you, your daughter and her doll! The ultimate in 'learn to dress' dolls.

  • Safe starting at ages 2 years and older.
  • 20 inches tall. 
  • Life-sized makes her a great teaching doll for new mothers.
  • Realistic looking faces come in various expressions - let us pick one for you please. 
  • Outfits are removable and styles and accessories may vary. 
  • Currently comes with a pacifier sewn to the outfit and plastic baby bottle.
  • Doll is gender neutral, so can be dressed in boy's clothes if wanted. 
  • Available as Black or African-American, (shown) or in Asian or Biracial - Multicultural - Hispanic versions.  

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