a cloth cat doll dressed as a little girl

Kitty Kat, a very pretty Carry & Cuddle Doll by Bonikka

  • $22.99

The best dolls for kids are the dolls that stimulate their minds and their creativity.

Don't get me wrong, children are perfectly fine with dolls that they already recognize and can slap a label on, like 'Barbie' or 'Teddy Bear', but unique dolls like Kitty Kat, that don't come with a preconceived story line, are much more interesting.

These are the dolls that they can make uniquely their own, with stories they create out of their own imaginations.

Kitty Kat is:

  • Safe for all ages including newborns.
  • About 19 inches long.
  • Is machine washable.
  • Has a removable linen skirt and blouse ensemble with lace collar.
  • Hand made in Sri Lanka with individually embroidered flower patterns on the dress and delightful hand embroidered face. No two alike!

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