William, The 12 inch All Cloth Black or Brown Boy's Rag Doll by HABA

  • $28.99

William is about the best Black Boy's doll you can get for a toddler. He doesn't look like a girl's doll, and he doesn't look like a baby. If your son or grandson is ready to graduate from a baby's plushie or teddy bear, William, our newest Black Boy doll from HABA is a perfect choice.

Designed for boys 18 months or older, this all cloth Black Boy rag doll is sturdy enough to hold up to a young boy's rougher play, has a removable outfit and is machine washable. The best dolls for toddlers come from HABA and BestDollsForKids.com.

Here's a look under the hood:

  • William is HABA's newest doll (2021) an all cloth Black Boy doll.
  • Safe for ages 18 months and up.
  • William is 12 inches tall, has a removable outfit (baseball cap, pull on pants and polo).
  • Chenille black hair, embroidered brown eyes, soft sculpt thumbs and ears.
  • Light chocolate skin tone suitable for Afro-Latino, Desi and other children of color.
  • HABA dolls are made to be sturdier than most Black boy's rag dolls so that they hold up to a boy's rougher style of play and can go through the washing machine more often.
  • Do you need a 'cousin' or 'sister' for William? Check out Cari, Here:
  • Always nice to have an extra doll's outfit - extends the interest and the play time! Outfits like the bicycle set shown in the pictures are available here

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