one love doll based on the bob marley song and the one love book

One Love - The Tiny Doll with a Big Heart! Based on Bob Marley's Song

  • $15.99

Maybe you discovered the 'One Love' doll first, perhaps saw her in our store or on our Pinterest and were charmed by her warm smile and her great dreads. Or perhaps you found the book first, maybe at the library or got it as a gift. But however you got here, we're glad you did, because she's going to love her One Love Doll!

The 'One Love' doll, is based on the Bob Marley song as adapted and © by his daughter Cedella Marley into the 'One Love' children's book and illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton.

Here's a cute video, courtesy of the publisher Chronicle Books:

  • One Love is a small cloth doll, about 10 inches.
  • She is safe for all ages.
  • Smock top and jeans are removable.
  • Based on the book Illustration
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