a Princess Rag doll, Princess Rosalina by HABA

Princess Rosalina: Because every little girl needs a Princess Doll

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We sometimes get push back when we get enthusiastic about 'Princess' or 'Ballerina' dolls. Some think we're trying to perpetuate stereotypes. 

But look a little deeper... it's not about telling a girl that she is a princess, it's about encouraging a healthy imagination. It's about "What kind of stories can you create, what kind of world can you imagine, what kinds of games can you invent for you and your doll?"

Forget the Pink Aisle / Blue Aisle battle for the moment, and just let your daughter enjoy these beautiful cloth dolls by HABA.

  • Princess Rosalina is safe for children as young as 18 months old.
  • She's 12 inches tall, all cloth and machine washable. (Air Dry)
  • 33% Off original list price. This doll has been discontinued, we got a great deal on her and now so can you! 
  • A full head of incredibly soft chenille hair, an adorable embroidered face and a full length empire waist gown with satin ballet shoes and matching crown.
  • Outfit is removable and if you own any of the other 12 inch HABA dolls their dresses are interchangeable.

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