Collection: Eyeglasses for Dolls, Dolls with Glasses and Dolls with Sunglasses

Doll eyeglasses and doll sunglasses are more than just an accessory to the dolls in your child's life, they're the 'good example' that you want your child to follow.

Eyeglasses improve vision and also improve grades. It's amazing how much more your children learn when they can see clearly. And Sunglasses of course protect their eyes. 

We have five Dolls with Sunglasses: The three Sunny Days UV educational rag dolls, and the two Adora Beach Baby Dolls. We have three toddler's Cloth dolls in glasses including the new HABA doll Lenore, and the we have the doll's eyeglasses made to fit the sixteen Miniland Educational Dolls that that we carry including the Down Syndrome Dolls.