Rose, A Redhead Best in Class Cuddly Companion Baby Doll with Pacifier

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Caution! Guaranteed to be the  most hugged doll in your daughter's collection. 

This adorable redhead baby doll has some serious huggability appeal, and once you put it in your child's arms, you are going to have a really hard time getting her to let her go!

Soft, finger friendly fabrics, super stuffed in foam and fill, fingers and toes, eyes, smile and nose - all adorably crafted in soft sculpt artistry. A perfect toddler's soft cloth plush baby rag doll.

  • Rose is recommended for toddlers starting at 24 months.
  • She is approximately 12 inches tall, can sit by herself.
  • She wears a removable 'Kitty' print toddler's skirt and diaper cover set. 
  • Comes with a magnetic pacifier permanently attached to her outfit. (Kids are really, really fascinated by those magnetic pacifiers so many dolls come with these days.)
  • Soft sculpt artistry includes fingers and toes and belly button!
  • Indian red color theme including her super soft velboa fabric 'hair.'
  • Designed in Belgium by Lilliputiens 
  • Comes in an open shelf-sitter box.
  • Machine washable.
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