Girl Baby Dolls and Baby Dolls for Girls

Although - as you can see from our menus - that there are dozens of different kinds of dolls, in a child's mind there are basically only three: The Baby Dolls, the Rag Dolls and the Barbies. We don't carry Barbies - you can get them everywhere!

But at Pattycake Doll we do know that by going one step further, and explaining why we have so many choices, you'll be able to better identify the 'perfect' baby doll for your daughter or granddaughter.

First of all is gender: most baby dolls are actually gender neutral, cloth body dolls, so it's usually the outfit that makes them 'girls.' That's also why we look for gender neutral outfits... we're trying to fight the 'pink aisle-blue aisle stereotyping.

If a doll is anatomically correct it will be marked so on the product page.

After that what makes one baby doll different from another is going to be things like:
The eyes: Do they open and close?
The skin tone - and we have lots of different shades.
Size: 10 inches - 12 inches - 15 inches - larger?

And finally features like: Is it a cry baby doll? Is it waterproof or quick drain/dry?