Hair Brush for Dolls

  • $8.99

Look at any list of the world's most popular dolls for toddlers and you'll find that they almost all have hair that can be brushed and styled: Barbie™, American Girl­®, Bratz® etc.

A doll's hairbrush, more properly called a 'Wig' brush, is a brush designed to not damage a doll's hair, while helping to keep it neat, clean and tidy.

Does your daughter have a doll's hair brush? If not, here is why you need to buy her one:

  • If she uses her own personal hair brush, she's transferring her own naturally occurring hair oils into the doll's hair.
  • Using the wrong kind of hair brush will destroy the synthetic hair used on most dolls: Plastic bristles cause static electricity. Rubber bristles can catch and break doll hair. 
  • They're not expensive!

Our 7 inch doll's hairbrushes are specially designed to help prevent damage to your doll's hair: metal bristles set in a rubber cushion for flexibility.

PS: Before you leave please visit our doll hair care tips page here:

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