Her First Black Baby Doll Pippa, A Super Soft Carry and Cuddle Doll

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If only it were possible for you to reach through your screen and actually feel how soft and cuddly this Black Baby Doll actually is... I know you would grab it in a second!

But you can't, and of course no matter how I try to describe Pippa, it's impossible to do her justice. 

Pippa has lots of other features that make her the perfect 'first doll' and lovey for your daughter:

  • She's about 13 inches tall, or 10 inches high when sitting.
  • She has what they call a 'bean bag' butt so she can sit by herself.
  • She's safe for all ages including newborns.
  • She's machine washable.
  • She has a bright and colorful printed pattern of Suns, Rainbows and Clouds and rain drops that is eye attracting to babies, and she has multiple finger friendly textures for a young baby to explore.
  • Velboa Shell, polyester and pellet stuffings.
All in all, Pippa is perfect!

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