Sleepy Time Scents Wee Baby Stella Gender Neutral Baby Doll for Children of Color

Wee Baby Stella 'Sleepy Time' Ethnic Cloth Doll & Doll Accessories Set

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The Top 4 reasons your daughter will love this Wee Baby Stella Sleepy Time Scents Set:

  1. It's soft, cuddly, sweet and scented. These cloth baby dolls are made to be cuddled with!
  2. The famous Baby Stella Magnetic Pacifier. Hey, magnets fascinate me and I'm a Grandpa. Just imagine how fascinating they are to young children!
  3. The accessories. Not only does the doll come with the magnetic pacifier, but also Baby's teddy bear, a magnetic baby bottle and a bedtime storybook.
  4. The Lavender Scent. Each gentle hug releases the calming scent of lavender, known as a child's soothing sleep aid.  

Additional Information for you:

  • Safe for children starting at 12 months.
  • Beige skin tone is suitable for any 'child of color.'
  • Lavender striped outfit is 'gender neutral.' Doll can be gifted to boys or girls.
  • Wee Baby Stella dolls are approximately 12 inches tall.
  • Soft Sculpt features include softly rounded 'baby 'belly' with 'belly button.' '
  • Surface was only.
  • Outfits are removable

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