Sailor Boy's Learn to Dress Doll and Activity Toy by Manhattan Toy Co

Sailor Boy's Learn to Dress Doll

  • $29.99

You can fight the 'blue aisle' - 'pink aisle' battle all you want, but when it comes to a 'Best' Learn to Dress doll for boys, if the doll looks more like a boy, he's going to like it better.

Why? Because just about the time he's learning to dress himself, he's also starting to recognize that boy's clothes are not quite the same as girl's clothes. Plain and simple.

Our Sailor Boy's Learn to Dress doll and activity toy has lots of great features, but front and center his number one selling point is that he looks like a boy.

  • Safe for all ages starting at birth
  • Approximately 16 inches tall
  • 6 Teach to dress functions: zipper, snap, tie laces, a buckle, button and Velcro
  • Soft, bright, colorful polyester fabrics and patterns over fiberfill.

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