Mandy: The Friendliest Rag Doll Ever! Especially for Children of Color

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In America's blended society, over half of our children are now 'Children of Color." Yeah, that's a nice way of putting it, but the reality is that we're probably talking a gazillion shades and skin tones built into that one word 'color.' 

And believe you me, the factories don't make anything in a gazillion shades, so when Addie and I, who have built you the most diverse doll store in America source dolls, we're looking beyond skin tone 'accuracy' these days. Now, we look beyond color and into features.

Mandy is one of our new finds, and she's got some great features:

  • Great size: 15 inches.
  • The doll's necklace becomes your daughter's friendship bracelet!
  • Safe for all ages - starting at newborn.
  • Machine washable!
  • Removable muslin cotton dress and our 15 inch sized doll clothes will fit.
  • Made in Sri Lanka using socially responsible manufacturing.
  • Cotton Dress, 100% Polyester Shell, 100% recycled PET bottle fiberfill stuffing.

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