A little girl's soft rag doll

Blue Belle in Lace, a Soft Cloth Rag Doll for Young Girls

  • $24.99

If you were handy with a needle and thread, and wanted to make the perfect soft cloth rag doll for your daughter, Blue Belle is the doll you would make.

And a few weeks later, after your daughter had been proudly and lovingly proclaiming "look what my Mommy made!", you'd be getting tons of requests to make one for their daughters too. 

That's how perfect a rag doll Blue Belle is. 

  • Safe for all ages
  • Approximately 16 inches long
  • Removable Blue print dress and knee hi 'boots'
  • Rest of doll is one piece including 'underwear' 
  • Cute embroidered face, fleece hair

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