Children's Doll Hair Care Kit, a Exclusive

  • $11.50

Are you looking for help on How to take care of your children's doll's hair? or worse, How to untangle your doll's hair?

Almost 20 years ago we wrote a popular blog post: How to Take Care of Your Doll's Hair. (Blog Post Here:) About 5 years ago we added information on how to take care of the rest of your doll as well, especially How to Clean Dolls; Dolls and Allergies and more.

In our post we instruct our customers to use a doll's hair brush and why, what is the best doll's hair brush to use, and to use a mister to make brushing the tangles out of a doll's hair easier. 

We have assembled this kit of the two essential doll hair care tools for you - to make your life easier!

  • Kit includes one child sized hair detangler brush and one child sized fine mist spray bottle.
  • Both brush and mister bottle are about 5 inches, child sized to fit your children's hands better, but easily used by adults. 
  • The purpose of having a doll's brush is so that your children don't use their own brushes on their dolls and transfer human hair oils onto synthetic doll hair.
  • Hair brush colors and shapes may vary slightly, pictures for illustrative purposes only. 

WARNING! The cap on the Mister Bottle is a 'small parts' choking hazard, not for children under 3 years.

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