Princess Noa Tutu, a Baby's First Ballerina Cuddle Doll and Lovey

  • $18.50

Addie and I carry this Princess Noa baby's first doll and lovey for a very special customer. 
Read on to see if this describes you:

  • Looking for the perfect baby's first doll.
  • Understand that loveys are all about textures.
  • Also understand that if their daughter attaches to this doll, they are going to be looking at it for a very, very long time and are OK with that.

Princess Noa is the first 'doll' that one of North America's premier Teddy Bear companies has ever made, and they got it perfectly right from the get-go. Take a look at that close-up picture below, of the ballerina doll's tutu. That dress is the softest, most amazing stuff we have ever felt. It looks like feathers and is softer than a kitten's fur. Your baby is going to love it forever! 

Here are some of her other features:

  • Safe for all children from newborn on up.
  • Machine Washable.
  • She has lots of 'toddler' appeal too...glitter fabric feet and crown, the ballerina outfit, cuddly soft. 
  • She's really large, actually our largest rag doll at just over 16 inches.
  • One piece construction: nothing to come off or get lost. 
  • She also has the beanbag 'butt' which makes her able to 'sit' on a shelf or on the bed. 

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