Bluebeary large stuffed plush Learn to Dress Teddy Bear

Bluebeary - The Supersoft Oversized Learn to Dress Teddy Bear for Kids

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If you like to go large in everything you do, then our new Bluebeary super-soft oversized learn to dress teddy bear was made just for you!

No, really! We saw you coming down our virtual aisles and told our vendors: "We have customers who want to splurge a little on their Learn to Dress teach me toys for their kids, let's make one for them."

And here it is, the Bluebeary Bear 'Teach Me' Teddy Bear:

  • Safe for ages 2 years and older. 
  • Bluebeary is 18 inches tall. The average 2 year old is about 33 inches - that makes it half as big as your two year old! 
  • Very, very soft and cuddly and machine washable.
  • Learn to dress features include: Snap - Button - Zipper - Hook and Loop - Tie - Buckle and Removable Outfit. 
  • Special additional feature: Four color names are embroidered on the cap, Teach them their colors sure, but they can also start associating the letters to the colors, a very early start to reading! 

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