Baby's Favorite: Green Gardens, The Soft Ethnic or Biracial Rag Doll

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There's something special about Green Gardens, the new Hispanic, Multicultural or Biracial toddler rag doll and lovey from GUND™. 

She's a sweet piece of eye candy in a pretty pastel print dress, the smoothest of finger friendly soft textures and big beautiful eyes to catch your baby's attention. 

But the best part is that she's got 'legs,' as the expression goes; 12 months from now she'll be just as soft and cuddly, just as lovely, just as much your daughter's favorite as she'll be the day you give it to her!

  • Safe for all ages including Newborns
  • Great Value - She's quite large at approx 15 inches tall!
  • Lots of finger friendly textures, makes a great cuddle me and lovey.
  • Polyester, fiberfill and foam... so soft and very lightweight.
  • Skin tone light beige makes her suitable for Hispanic, Biracial, Multicultural babies.
  • Brown yarn hair in top buns and bangs, with the coordinating headband tacked onto the doll. Dark brown applique eyes. embroidered smile.
  • Dress is not removable. 
  • If you are looking for a better quality rag doll to be your daughter's companion for the next 18 months to 2 years, Green Gardens is your answer!

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