Calin Maël, the classic Baby Boy Doll by Corolle for Toddlers

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In the world of dolls, there are several major brands that command respect and customer loyalty for boy baby dolls. One of them is Corolle of France, the manufacturer of the 'Bébé Calin dolls including the baby boy doll Calin Maël.

Reputation is Earned! Their quality is top-notch - beautiful dolls with sleeping eyes, tasteful fashions and soft cuddly bodies.

  • Safe for ages 18 months and older.
  • Soft cloth body, vinyl arms, legs and head
  • Softly Scented w/ Corolle's Vanilla
  • Hand washable (manufacturer) Machine washable, gentle wrapped in shirt or towel. (Our customers)
  • Open/close blue eyes with eye lashes.
  • Can suck his thumb.
  • Standard 12 inch baby doll size fits most manufacturer's 12-13" doll clothes.
  • Outfit styles may vary, but always in blue. 
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