Holly, The Little Redheaded Doll with Pigtails and Freckles

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Although there are a lot of great reasons to buy your daughter Holly, the cute and adorable little redhead doll, the best reason is how much happiness this adorable little doll will give your child!

Holly is a happy doll, you can see it in her face. And happy dolls make for happy kids!

Then there's the red hair and freckles 'reason.' I'm sure you've seen how babies stare at other babies? In much the same way, little girls are fascinated by red hair.

Here are a few more reasons why Holly will be perfect for your child:

  1. Her cute size: Holly is a small doll, approximately 10 inches tall and weighs way less than a pound, easily carried by even the youngest toddlers.
  2. The cuddly factor: Holly has a soft cloth body and soft vinyl head, arms and legs, non-sleeping bright blue eyes.
  3. And the outfit! Holly comes dressed in a classic Peter Pan collar dress and long leg bloomers, (similar to what's in the picture, colors and embroidery may vary slightly into other pastels.)
  4. That outfit is removable and washable, perfect for a companion doll that will travel constantly in your daughter's arms... and heart! 

Holly is hand made in Spain and recommended for children ages three and older. She is shipped bagged, not boxed.

 Is this going to be a gift? Do you want us to ship a Gift Bag for Holly? 
It's only $4.99  Click Here to add a gift bag. card and tissue paper.

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