William, The 12 inch All Cloth Black or Brown Boy's Rag Doll by HABA

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Looking for the perfect Black Boy's doll for a toddler? You found him!

Why 'perfect?' Because one, he doesn't look like a girl's doll, and two, he doesn't look like a baby. And that's what little boys want. Not 'girly,' not 'babyish.'

When your son or grandson is ready to graduate from a baby's plushie or teddy bear, William by HABA is the perfect choice.

Designed for boys 18 months or older, this all cloth Black or Brown Boy's rag doll is sturdy enough to hold up to a young boy's rougher play and is machine washable! 

Here's a look under the hood:

  • Safe for ages 18 months and up.
  • William is 12 inches tall, has a removable outfit (baseball cap, pull on pants and polo).
  • Soft chenille black hair, embroidered brown eyes, soft sculpt thumbs and ears.
  • Do you need a 'cousin' or 'sister' for William? Check out Cari, Here:
  • Always nice to have an extra doll's outfit - extends the interest and the play time! Outfits like the bicycle set shown in the pictures are available here

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