Tiny Dolls for Tiny Hands, Baby Tots: My Blue-Eyed Baby Boy Doll

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Looking for a small and inexpensive baby boy doll for your child? Here he is, our blue-eyed baby boy doll - only 8.5 inches tall and sells for less than $20 dollars, but he is feature rich and perfect for young toddlers. Don't forget! Boys that play with dolls become better fathers and better husbands too!

  • Baby Tots™ are very small dolls for small children. Safe from 12 months or older.
  • Look at these adorable cradle boxes Baby Tots™ come in too! The 'sleeve' wrapper is removable.
  • Machine washable. No phthalates or BPA's, and hypoallergenic.
  • Our Blue Eyed Boy Baby Tots come in the Elephant Dreams removable outfit of onesie and cap.
  • They have soft bodies with beanbag inserts to give a more realistic heft and enable self sitting.
  • Scented, eyes do not open and close, can sit by themselves, and can suck their thumb.
  • Baby Tots™ are manufactured by Adora Dolls, and include Splash Time™ Baby Tots for Pool Play and Bath Time™ Baby Tots for bath tub play.

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