Pete the Cat Bedtime Blues soft stuffed plush character doll

Pete the Cat Soft Plush Character Doll in Bedtime Blues Pajamas

  • $19.99

Note: This is our last Pete the Cat in PJ's Doll

Buying a doll as a gift is a strange experience isn't it? You don't want to get a 'ho-hum' doll, you may not know a lot about what they already have, and you don't want to look cheap.

Do you buy another baby doll? (Surely she already has some of those.) Does she play with Barbies? Is she old enough for American Girl - and do I want to spend $120 for one doll?!? And for a boy, you don't want something he'd reject as "that's for girls!"

Here's a suggestion: Pete the Cat. Pete the Cat is an extremely popular character doll from books and TV, and a great gift because he's not the kind of doll kids ask for, but when they get one, they are so surprised and then get really excited because they know who he is, and they really like him!

  • Safe for all ages, best for ages 2 years and older
  • Almost 15 inches tall
  • Dressed in the Bedtime Blues removable pajamas from the book of the same name.
  • And they love, love, LOVE, that his pajamas have a slit in the bottom that his tail sticks through!
  • Pete's big red heart is on his chest just where your kids expect it!
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