Microwave Heating Pad for Kids Stuffed Animal Horse

Horse Microwavable Heating Pad for Kids

  • $12.99

Note: This is our last Horse Microwavable Heating Pad

  • Warm me up in the microwave and I become the best kid's heating pad!
  • Straight from the freezer, I'm a kid's cold pack to sooth itchy bug bites and reduce swollen bumps and bruises!
  • I am so much safer than a hot water bottle in your children's beds, and let me point out  that I don't have a dangerous electric cord either. 
  • I'm a hand warmer, a bed warmer, or warm and cuddly companion on cold damp days!
  • And I'm often used as a colic cure to to soothe a colicky baby and help ease those baby's gas pains. Always consult your pediatrician before using. 
  • And of course I smell great too... inside my soft plush outsides I'm filled with Flax-seed and Lavender.
  • I'm about 10 inches tall and made with special microwave safe fabrics with extra thick microwave safe thread.
  • I make the perfect baby shower gift. Unique, useful and charming! (And 'Mommy to be' may be using me a little too - hint, hint.)
As a stuffed animal I am safe for all ages, but as a children's heating pad I need to be handled properly by an adult. 
1: As with all microwavable heated products do not allow children to use unsupervised.
2: There is no 'one-size-fits-all' heating, as microwaves differ in wattage and power. Heat for 15 seconds and then add 15 second re-heats until temperature is comfortable to skin.  Do not overheat. Do not leave in microwave unattended.  
3: Surface wash only - do not allow contents to get wet.
4: Placing this product in a plastic bag before freezing will help keep it clean.
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