Tiny Dolls for Tiny Hands: Baby Tots Black Baby Doll in her Box Cradle

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For us, as adults, any tiny doll looks cute, but what about the kids? What's good or bad about an 8.5 inch Black baby doll in a toddler's eyes? 

Well for one thing it's scale. For a toddler from 1 to 2 years old, 8.5 inches is about 25% of her height, so she'll have a much easier time imagining it's her baby, not just 'a doll' with all the good nurturing play that involves.

And for us as parents, here are the other great features of this Black Baby doll to consider:

  • Baby Tots™ are very small dolls for small children. Safe from 12 months or older.
  • Look at these adorable cradle boxes Baby Tots™ come in too! The 'sleeve' wrapper is removable
  • Machine washable. No phthalates or BPA's, and hypoallergenic.
  • The Black Baby Tots comes in the Sleepy Giraffe removable outfit.
  • Have soft bodies with beanbag inserts to give a more realistic heft and enable self sitting.
  • Scented, eyes do not open and close, can sit.
  • Baby Tots™ are manufactured by Adora Dolls, and include Splash Time™ Baby Tots for Pool Play and Bath Time™ Baby Tots for bath tub play.

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