A handkerchief doll, lovey and security blanket rag doll in the form of a fox

A Cloth Fox Named Luca, a Lovey and Security Doll

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Every child ends up choosing something as a security object. A doll, a blankey, something to carry and cuddle and comfort themselves with. 

Luca is a very clever little cloth fox, a handkerchief doll, lovey and security blanket all in one, made to fit a little one's hands and heart!

The perfect gift for a baby shower or newborn baby girl, give them a Luca to attach to!

  • Safe for all ages
  • One piece construction, dress not removable, approx 19 inches tall.
  • Blue denim dress with lace trim at hem and sleeves, matching hair bow.
  • Machine washable
  • Hand made in Sri Lanka
  • Yes, we do know that female fox is called a vixen! 

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