Ducky, A Tiny QuickDri™, Children's Bathtub Toy and Water Baby Doll

  • $18.99

What's more popular that a rubber Ducky in the bath? How about Ducky, the children's Bathtub Toy and Water Baby Doll by Adora?

Already one of the most popular toys for toddlers, these dolls to play with at bath time or in the pool; are so popular that we carry as many different water baby dolls as possible - we want to give you the best selection!

Ducky, is an Adora Doll BathTime Baby Tot. She is made with the QuickDri™ cloth body that can not only go in the bath and pool, but in the washing machine as well!

  • Safe for ages 1 year and up, Ducky can go in the bath, pool or ocean.
  • And, she can suck his thumb.
  • Vinyl head, arms and legs are 'baby powder' scented.
  • BPA free, non toxic and hypoallergenic.
  • 2 piece set includes doll and removable hoodie bathrobe.
  • Ducky has an 8½ inches tall cloth body, vinyl arms legs and head. 
  • Comes in open shelf sitter box.

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