Mini Calin Skye: A Boy's Small Baby Doll for Bathtub and Water Play

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When you want to engage a boy's interest, it's gotta be something cool right? How about a small bathtub baby boy doll with flippers?

Just like action figures don't come across as 'dolls,' the same is true of these wonderful little bathtub toys from Corolle of France. Great size, built for water play, appeals to boys... What else do you need but Mini Bath Blue?

  • 18 months and older.
  • These dolls are really tiny at 8 inches... look at the size comparison picture.
  • Famous Corolle Vanilla Scent head arms and legs.
  • Painted eyes.
  • True bathtub dolls - have quick dry fast draining polystyrene beads.
  • Flippers are attached
  • 2019 Oppenheim Platinum Award Winning Doll

We also carry the girl's version (little boat, no flippers) - this video will give you an idea of their size:

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