Jazlynn, an Anatomically Correct 15 inch Black Girl Doll

  • $27.99

Got a little 'mini mommy' at home? Give her the perfect doll to nurture and love! 

  • Does she want to bathe her beautiful doll? Watertight seals help keep water and mold out.
  • Does she want to brush her new baby's hair? A full head of rooted 'natural' hair to brush and style! 
  • Fully poseable doll - Arms, legs and head all swivel, helps build her imagination in creative play.
  • Starting to get interested in fashion and dressing skills? Many beautiful outfits available Click here for Clothing And Accessories.

Jazlynn is a beautiful Black toddler girl doll and a member of our popular anatomically correct diversity doll family. These sturdy 15 inch dolls are lightly scented all vinyl and virtually indestructible. They are so popular because they're feature rich in all the play activities that your child wants in a play doll. 

  • Doll Safe for ages 10 months and up.
  • 15" tall.
  • Made in Spain.
  • An anatomically correct Black doll with a full head of 'natural' hair.
  • Arms, legs and head all swivel - doll can sit by itself, but not stand.
  • Comes dressed in Summer beach outfit.
  • Jazlynn is one of our popular Diversity Dolls Series. 

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