Winky Waggie animated plush musical baby gift from GUND

Winky Waggie - The Famous Sleepy Lullaby Lamb Nursery Musical by GUND

  • $25.99

Hush, little baby, please don't cry. This little lamb plays you a lullaby.

Silly Name? Sure, but the Winky Waggie animated musical lamb is one of the most famous new baby nursery gifts ever made, and a perennial best seller. No one has ever gone wrong by gifting the Lullaby Lamb!

What makes them special is that when you wind the key, not only does the pretty music box play 'Hush Little Baby," but the animation also kicks in with the slowly 'wagging' head. See video below.

  • Safe for all ages including newborn.
  • Plays Hush Little Baby - one of the few lullabies known to have originated in America
  • Winky Waggie is 12 inches long.
  • Made by GUND, doing 'soft' since 1898!
  • Old-fashioned wind up music box - no batteries needed for either the music nor the animated 'wagging head.'
  • Surface Wash only. 



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