Emmy Lu, The Prettiest Cuddle & Carry Soft Cloth Rag Doll in the Store

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There are two kinds of rag dolls. The folk art rag dolls that look like they really were made 100 years ago out of rags, and the newer soft cloth rag dolls, hand made out of the prettiest prints and finest materials and look like they should sell on Etsy for $50 or more.

Emmy Lu is the second kind, hand made in Sri Lanka in the famous Bonikka doll factory, and guaranteed to attach herself to your daughter's heart for years to come. And she's only $27.99, not $50!

  • Safe for all ages
  • Approx. 15 inches tall
  • One piece soft velboa cloth doll over fiberfill and foam.
  • Dress is removable.
  • Redhead Doll with 'Burnt Orange' hair, Golden embroidered eyes. Soft Sculpt thumbs.
  • Bonikka is the word for 'doll' in the Sri Lanken language of Singalese 

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