My First Black Doll - The Best Baby Doll and Lovey for their 1st Year

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About as perfect a doll for a newborn Black Baby as you can get, My First Black Doll is a remarkable achievement in the doll making world.

Feature rich yet value priced, these remarkable first dolls look great, are incredibly soft, and are the kind of doll / lovey that not only build's a baby's brain power by stimulating her senses, but also soothes and comforts her as a security 'blanket' as she grows into the toddler stages. 

  • My first doll is safe for all ages including newborns.
  • Stimulating multiple senses, with a built in rattle (in that yellow heart) and cellophane crinklies in her arms and feet to stimulate her hearing.
  • Multiple textures make her finger friendly - from her sculpted facial features to the softest velboa fabrics and contrasting broadcloth textured accents.
  • And contrasting color blocks in soft pastels and a 'baby's face' to attract her eyes.
  • BPA and Pthalate Free
  • 12 inches tall (She'll grow into it!) Newborns are what? 16 inches or so these days?
  • Polyester fiber fill, can be hand washed and air dried. 
  • Best of all, she's the kind of doll that will become that comfy cuddly 'security object' doll to carry when she starts exploring her bigger, scarier world.

This doll can be gift-wrapped. It's only $4.99.. To add, please click here

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