Aria, The Lifesized Soft-Sculpt Black Baby Rag Doll for Children

  • $33.99

You peck and you click and you search through the sites and then all of a sudden you find a treasure.

Aria, The Lifesized Soft-Sculpt Black Baby Rag Doll is such a treasure.

Totally unexpected, our full sized and realistic Black Baby Doll is for little girls who are doll connoisseurs, and will truly appreciate the fineness of this doll.

Although of course it is a rag doll, we hesitate to simply leave it at that, because in reality she is more a beautiful soft sculpture of a Black Baby Girl, hand crafted in Sri Lanka and imported in small bathches for the discerning doll buyer. 

Here are the details of this incredible doll:

  • Lifesized and realistic: Aria is 17 inches long, and has a bean bag insert at her bottom to give the doll the heft and gravity of a real baby.
  • Perhaps our favorite feature is the artistry that went into the soft sculpt features, the toes from big toe to pinky toe are appropriately sized; her thumbs are distinct from her fingers, her gently plump legs curve slightly inbound just like a real baby's do. Her cupid's heart smile and smiling eye facial embroidery. Such pretty details! 
  • Skin tone: Aria is suitable for all children of color with a warm beige dyed cotton shell.
  • Her dress: Aria comes dressed in this beautiful pleated empire dress with lace trim at the shoulders and collar. The dress is also embroiderd and appliqued with a multicolored toucan and flowers motif.
  • Under the dress is a dual tab wrap and seal diaper, and then there is the pastel blue headband with knotted bow. Outfit is easily removed for cleaning.
  • The outer shell is made from organic cotton, the doll is filled with polyester and the aforementioned beanbag insert. 
  • Aria is meant for an older toddler to love. If you want to buy one and put her away until a younger child is ready, rest assured that she is considered 'safe for all ages.'

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