Doll House Dolls 8 piece Black Doll House Family

Black Doll House Dolls and Play Figures - an 8pc Dollhouse Family Set

  • $21.99

We call them Doll House Dolls because of their size of course, but our new Black Family Dollhouse sets are so much more valuable than just small static figures stuck in the dollhouse!

In most doll play, although the dolls become 'real' to your children, they rarely become ‘family.’ But in doll house doll role play, the dolls can represent real family members and friends for the purpose of role playing games, and they can lead children to create healthy and imaginative stories and relationships.

  • 8 piece set includes: Mother and Father, Grandmother and Grandfather, Brother and Sister, Toddler and Baby.
  • Tallest figure is 5 inches high.
  • All vinyl molded figures.
  • Safe for ages 3 and up.
  • These dolls are great fundamental toys as well; populating playsets and building blocks, or mixed in with action figures and other toys - the imagination building and storytelling opportunities are endless.
  • Popular for preschool and Head Start programs as well as in the family toybox; they help children learn more about the important concepts of 'Family,' "Diversity,' and to share.
  • Dollhouse families help children role play family dynamics and learn relationship skills.
  • And of course, they areeven more fun when you play with your children!

This doll can be gift-wrapped. It's only $4.99. To add, please click here

WARNING! Choking hazard: May contain small parts, not for children under 3 years.

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