How to Potty Train Boys or Girls with a Potty Training Doll

We’re sure you’ve seen the ads: “Potty Train your son in 3 Days!”
As if! And how do you even know if your child is ready to Potty Train?

And is 3 days right? How long does it usually take to potty train a girl?
And how long does it usually take to potty train a Boy?
And is that standing or sitting?
Do you need a Potty Training Doll?

Our son didn’t seem to have any interest in being potty trained. Then we took him to a pre-school play group one day and he had a ball. But when he found out he couldn’t go back if he was still wearing diapers, he pretty much trained himself in a few days. He was motivated!

Here's one way to potty train your child with a potty training doll; or even his teddy bear and a kitchen bowl. Using pretty much the same psychology to potty train your son or daughter: You are going to 'motivate' them.

But in this case the 'motivation' is a 'reward,' and you're going to use your potty training doll as an example of 'how to 'earn' the reward.

Just be sure to make the reward something that will really motivate your child to potty train themselves. Something they really want.

Let's agree that you and your child are ready for potty training. Let's also agree that your child loves birthday parties and ice cream and cake and presents.

So you and your child and the doll start training. Maybe you use a drink and wet potty training doll, maybe you use a Teddy Bear and a kitchen mixing bowl. 

So you say to your child... "Tell me when you think Dolly needs to go potty." And when she comes to you with the doll ready to go potty, you sit it on the doll's potty chair and drop a little orange juice or jelly beans or whatever you and your child have agreed on as 'proof' that the doll has used the potty. Then, you have a mini party for the doll to celebrate its success.

Get excited. Get really, really excited! The doll gets a cookie. Or some ice-cream. And a present. Which he shares a very, very little bit with your child.

'Rinse and repeat' as the saying goes.

That's the motivation. If your child's doll is getting the big celebration and party and rewards for going potty, at some point soon your child is going to want that celebration ice cream or cake or reward too. For himself. Or herself. 

Does this work every time and for every child? Of course not. But it has worked for millions of kids over the years, so give it a try. 

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